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Catholic Explanations

Catholic Explanations

What They Mean By Child Like Faith

Try to bear with me on this.  Start with the old proverb:

"A Fool Receiveth Not The Words Of Prudence: Unless Thou Say Those Things Which Are In His Heart" Prv:18:2

So what does that say about us? We all like to be told we’re right. We all like to hear how smart we are. We all want confirmation. Most of us hate it when someone points out when we’re wrong.

Mystery: The Catholic Cop-out?

A colleague at work relayed a story to me from his school days that got me to thinking. My colleague, who isn't Catholic, attended a Catholic school as a boy. One day he asked a question in religion class concerning some seeming paradox of the Faith. Several students had given their own personal answers and several others had admitted they had never thought about it. What bothered my colleague, however, was the teacher's answer.

Proof of the Real Presence

I propose a proof of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Of course, I'm not talking about a proof among physicists or philosophers. I'm talking about a proof among Christians, among those who accept the reality of a personal, loving, yet infinite God; Whose Son became one of us to offer Himself in sacrifice for our sins, so that we could be eternally happy.

What is a Devotion?

Catholics throughout history have called members to special devotions for various focal points of God’s attributes. The Sacred Heart of Jesus, for example, gives us an image of love. We use it to make a connection with the reason for His suffering and death. Someone who has trouble contemplating abstract ideas might find this useful to give them a better understanding of love and mercy.

Joseph and Jesus

Joseph was the favored of Israel. Out of jealousy for their father's favor, his brothers sold him into slavery. Their original plan was to kill him, but Ruben talked them out of that.