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On Teaching The Faith To Children

I've often heard complaints about the pre-Vatican II approach to catechizing children.  Special emphasis is put on the idea that the children are (or were) memorizing things they have no understanding of.  What's more, the children don't see the practical use for the knowledge, and it would be better to allow them to learn the stuff as they grow older and have more experience.

Of course, no real argument is needed to rebuke this.  Just look what has happened ever since we wandered away from the Baltimore Catechism (something I wish I had been forced to study as a child).  People got caught up in the notion of allowing children to ‘think things out instead of memorizing facts' and we now have two generations of people who don't have the slightest understanding of their faith.  I would say we (we being the generations who weren't properly catechized in school) got shafted!

Children: Blessing or Curse

You’re trying to catch up on some sleep on a quiet Saturday morning when you hear the shrill scream of a child, who seems upset with the fact that another child is pointing at him or her, and has done so for the past three minutes. You turn over and hope that they will resolve it without your intervention…but that’s unlikely, given their past.

Helping Your Children Grow in a Sinful World

So your kids are getting older and you’re worried about how to deal with the world outside your door. When you open it, you’re flooded with a multitude of temptations…all inviting your children to join the new order of instant gratification. The seduction is hard enough for adults to deal with, so how can the underdeveloped Christian mind ever hope to resist. Especially when the don’t understand the serious harm some of these things can do.

How to Create a Loving Relationship Between the Kids

If you’re a parent of more than one child (I have six) then you’re looking at this headline and laughing. For those of you who don’t have more than one (even though you wouldn’t be reading this article) let me tell you a little about how kids interact with each other.

The Parable of The Talents

In explaining the parable of the talents, many people seem to seize on the word "talent". They explain that it means we're supposed to use our talents (skills, abilities, etc.) for God's work, which means the good of the world.