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Catholic Explanations

Catholic Explanations

There's No Such Thing as a 'White Lie'

zero impact on anyone's position, money, reputation, or other aspect of life, but accomplishes some positive good, or at least avoids some evil. Well, maybe it just avoids an inconvenience or embarrasment. But the point is, it allows us to avoid some discomfort but doesn't cause any discomfort for others.

Does Liturgical Orthodoxy Matter?

Giving to Ceaser, giving to God

Travel across the nation, sampling Catholic parishes, and you'll see every style imaginable for performing the Mass. Some priests delegate practically everything except the Consecration itself, sitting out even the ministry of Holy Communion. Some make the rounds after the Lord's Prayer, shaking everyone's hand like they're running for president. At some parishes, people hold hands for the Lord's Prayer, and some even change the words.

The Study Of Saints and Why It's Important

Sainthood…that title given by the Catholic Church that seems to draw so much criticism from so many denominations. The mere mention of it angers some people. It’s not so much the title itself that draws attention but the dogma that prayer to those saints is helpful to the living. And while opponents of such an idea try to distance themselves from Catholic theology, they miss out on a big benefit of this ‘disagreeable’ doctrine.