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Observations By a Catholic

Confession and Convenience

If there’s one thing that never fails to amaze me over the Catholic controversy, it’s the argument over confession. Perhaps each person has their own theories about why a man should or shouldn’t confess his sins to another man, but the most typical one is that God alone can forgive sins…and that God demands no human intervention in the ordeal.

God is Watching Over Us

Watching over us?  All the time?  What a chilling thought. When we were kids, the last thing we wanted was a parent on our backs. And we would have just died knowing that our parents had seen us ___________. Fill in the blank with whatever makes you blush. I myself could fit an awful lot into that little space.

God's Love is Shown Through Abraham

Last week's reading at Mass features Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac his son.

Recall that Isaac was a gift to Abraham, of sorts. God had promised Abraham (then Abram) that he would be the father of many; that his descendants would even outnumber the grains of sand of the beach or the stars of the sky.

The Simple Enormity of Catholicism

Why the Catholic Church is the Only Church That Fits God

While driving to Mass the other day, a bumper sticker caught my eye. It read, “God is too big to fit into one religion.” As I passed the driver, it occurred to me that this would only be true of a man-made religion.

The Knowledge We Find in Faith

The ultimate question in every society is the question of why we’re here. It stems from the deep rooted part of our nature that tells us we were put here by someone (or something) and that this creator deserves some sort of homage.