The Catholic Letter

Catholics and History

Catholics and History

Herod vs Pilot

If you asked this question to a group of Christians, over 85% of them would probably call Pilot a better man than Herod. Yet to this day, our Nicene Creed attributes the torture and death of Jesus to Pilot. So why do people consider him the lesser of two evils?

The Catholic Obsession With Martyrs and The Question of Pain and Suffering

The Catholic Church is kind of like a forest sometimes. Someone on the outside looking in sees nothing but thousands of trees…and most of them look alike. They can see a definite shape to the forest, and elevations that someone inside might miss. On the other hand, they’ll never see up-close nature like the plants and animals inside. They can hear about them, but never live through the experience.

Then and Now - Morality, Society, and Scandal

People are fond of saying how things are so different now (as opposed to the way things were fifty years ago). Back then, this was a God fearing nation. Back then, the only concern was teenage rebellion. Thirty years later, it was teenage pregnancy and drug abuse. Today, it’s child pornography. The nation’s sinfulness certainly does progress, doesn’t it?

The Non-Repetition in Catholic History

“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

There are probably a hundred different ways to interpret this difficult reading. And maybe one or some of them are accurate. The most prominent Catholic interpretation right now is that Christ calls all of us to a life of holiness, but that he chooses only a few of us for a special purpose. Every so often, God has a difficult task, and chooses his instrument from the large crowd of followers…predestining them for greatness.