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Planned Parenthood Steals Christmas

I try to avoid watching the news these days.  Everything I see just gets me irritated and upset.  But for the REALLY bad stuff, my friends tend to call, my wife fills me in, or I get email from my readers.

Such was the case when Planned Parenthood decided to sell "Christmas Gift Certificates".

You can now give the gift of death in a quaint little envelope.  Here's the full story as covered by Fox News:,2933,462127,00.html

This is worse than just pro-death.  This is satanic.  Taking the celebration of the birth of Jesus and using it as a way to kill babies... it's a mockery of everything that is good.

What can we do?  Pray now harder than you ever have.  If nothing else, pray for the wisdom to know how to fight this kind of thing.  Or to preserve the ability to teach our children why it is wrong.