The Catholic Letter

Listen to the Earth

In this story, reported by Reuters, our Holy Father is quoted several times urging us to pay attention to our environment and heed its so called, warnings.  He even offers a certain amount of merit to the 'Theory Of Evolution' and the science behind it.

Some may consider this as Pope Benedict bending to modern, ideological pressures but...

I believe it is a prime example of his metacommunicative competence.  Anyone with commonsense will get irritated by all the hype and false statistics reported by every news media in the country, but the Earth is a gift to us from God and the Pope is simply reminding us of that.

My first sentiments when I read that the Pope said "there is much scientific proof in favor of evolution", were of disappointment.  To me, the more I read about evolution, the less creditable it becomes.  I personally however, avoid discussions or arguments about evolution.  Whether or not we evolved from monkeys is irrelevant; God made us.  This is the only fact that matters and I believe the Pope was simply making that point.

The very first thing I thought of when I read this headline "Listen to Earth", were Monkeys.  Not the ones we evolved from though; I was thinking of the band the 'Monkees' and their song "Listen to the Band".  I think I will write a parody of that song and call it "Listen to the Earth".