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Mandated Abortions

As reported by, Connecticut has passed a state law mandating all hospitals, even Catholic ones, to offer the "Plan B' pill to rape victims.  As an obvious infringement on religious freedom, this law is a joke and should have never been passed.

Some of the quotes in this report are hysterical though;

State Rep Betsy Ritter (D=Waterford and Montville), in response to a Catholic State Sen stating the obvious freedom infringement, said "the law establishes a standard treatment for rape victims in all Connecticut hospitals.  The Catholic hospitals could opt to have a third party provide the emergency contraceptive to victims."

How is this a solution?  Wouldn't this also mean that the Catholic hospitals could offer later term abortions as long as someone that isn't on their payroll does that actual killing?

Later in the article, Louis DeLuca (R-Woodbury) is quoted as saying

"the law is a solution in search of a problem.  There was no problem to solve".  In two years of hearings, not a single rape victim testified she'd had a problem going to a Catholic hospital or church for help afterward. 

Nicole Steward, community relations coordinator for the Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Center, answered by saying that's because "it's very difficult for a sexual assault victim to come forward in front of cameras and testify that they have been raped.  We got as many as we could, and they clearly articulated that [the irregular dispensation of Plan B] was a problem."

What does that mean? 

It sounds like they hounded these poor women until some of them said yes, I wish Plan B was offered.  Also, if someone complains about irregular dispensation of something, it would mean that they had more than one experience with the situation.  How many times have these women, the ones complaining, been raped?