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Bishops Continue To Fight For Freedom Of Conscience

Bishops Not Duped By Obama Misleading Changes

In answer to the outcry from Christians in America, the administration announced that it would change the mandate concerning contraceptives and abortificient chemicals.  That is, they would not force employers to provide them to employees.

This might seem like a victory... except that they didn't really change the final outcome.  What they've done instead is create a new mandate where insurance providers are forced to give such benefits in every single plan.  In other words, it is no longer on the employee to say yes or no to the services.  Insurance providers now must carry them and give them to all their clients.

You see, the customers still have to pay for these chemicals and sterilization processes whether they use them or not.  Even when to pay for them completely violates their own conscience.

The bishops in America were not put off scent by the administration's move.  They immediately responded, renewing their resolve to put an end to this outrage: