The Catholic Letter

General Catholic Insights on Life, Eternity, and Everything In Between

The Knowledge We Find in Faith

The ultimate question in every society is the question of why we’re here. It stems from the deep rooted part of our nature that tells us we were put here by someone (or something) and that this creator deserves some sort of homage.

We can assume that this is part of our nature on the basis that so many people are devoted to disproving the concept. Just as we can see evidence of a natural conscience by looking at the enemies of society who have ignored their own conscience. It is in the exception that we see the rules. We would never call Hitler an outrage if we couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong. And Darwin’s theories would never have rocked the world if it wasn’t contradicting what the world already recognized as truth.

And as Darwin first gave us a troubling theory that was so contrary to our nature, there then proceeded an avalanche of evidence to support it…but in all the evidence, never came closer to answering that original question…why are we here?

We hear about selective breeding, and giant monster theories (there to support the theories of evolution, but based on the same theories that they support). And each theory leaves more open ended questions. Not the way understanding leads to deeper meditation. Not the way we find God more mysterious with every revelation. But the way a lie will snowball as it rolls downhill.

The rolling theories of atheism are nearing the bottom of the hill; and for all its enormity, the ball still hasn’t answered anything. Instead of asking ‘why are we here’ they asked ‘how are we here’, and then assumed we would all be satisfied with the distraction. Sadly, a lot of people were satisfied…even though the atheists haven’t even answered that question.

They replaced ‘God put us here’ with ‘Time put us here’. As if the only objection to a world creating itself was that there wouldn’t be enough time to do it. And while Time becomes the new god for a godless age, the atheist is left trying to answer the trivial questions that the Christian never bothered to ask. Questions like, “Where are the genes and chemicals that make a man and a woman want to be together?” Or, “What is the physical link between a man’s passion and his intellect?” The Christian never asked these questions because they were answered in his acceptance of the faith.

It was in accepting the answer to that ultimate question of our existence that confusion disappeared. While the Darwinist is still contemplating the mystery of life, the Christian is off enjoying the fullness of life.

The ones opposed to traditional marriage are searching for proofs that love stems from hormones or societal expectations. And while they try to conform society to their studies, statistics, and scientific research, the Christian has given in to these natural inclinations. The Christian is enjoying love, while the skeptic is trying to disprove it.

While the scientist looks for a formula to control passion and enhance (or subdue) intellect, the Christian discovers the self inflicted will power that allows passion and intellect to enhance each other.

This is what it means to believe in Christ. Not in accepting the unexplainable, but in enjoying the explained. The only real leap of faith was in believing something that seemed too good to be true. That we’re here to serve our creator, and that through this we can find perfect happiness.

This is the answer to everything. This one simple truth is the key to all others. Without it, we can only chase mysteries that have no end…like a dog chasing its tail, when all he has to do is stop turning.