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What to do During Lent

“The Truth Will Set You Free.”

This statement doesn’t mean much until two stemming questions are answered…what is truth and what is freedom.


Before discussing what truth is, we sometimes have to establish that there really is a truth. One outside ourselves…separate from how we perceive it. And this very point seems hardest for some people to accept. Now I could do the subject no justice here, in the constraints of this tiny article. I would point anyone struggling with the realities of reality to such great philosophical masters as Saint Thomas Aquinas and GK Chesterton.

Voting and Catholic Obligation

As we round the corner into voting season, some thoughts occur to me. Most people have heard the biblical quote "All authority comes from the Father." This has been used in various times throughout history to support either theories of the divine right of kings to rule, or moralities that included submission to the reigning government, whatever that may be.

Is Tax Evasion a Mortal Sin?

The simple answer to these questions are: Tax evasion is a sin, but not a mortal sin…as far as my research takes me. I say this, because I can find no authorative statement from the Vatican to confirm that tax evasion is not a mortal sin. And the precedence set from such sources as the Baltimore Catechism (which claims that stealing can sometimes be a venial sin, if the amount is small).