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Pornography Addiction and How It's Damaging Catholic Society

Pornography Addiction

Breaking Porn

The Steps To Breaking The Pornography Addiction

We can sit and talk all day about how bad pornography is, about how many men it's ensnared, about the way it's ruined the lives of so many young women, about the families it has destroyed, etc., etc.,.  But really--how does that help.  The real problem, right now, is that so many men WANT to quit looking at it and can't.


Of course, not all men want to quit--not right now anyway.  What was it that St. Augustine said?  "Lord, give me chastity... but not yet." Some men are kind of in denial.  They want to pretend that they're just going through a phase.  That they'll move on to something else eventually.  Others convince themselves that the problem is with other people... for example, their wives.  And still others enjoy their sins and are unlikely to ever turn from them.

The Victims Of Pornography

The Victims Of Pornography

Most men know why looking at pornography is wrong.  But many men, some of them deeply ensnared in the clutches of an addiction, tell themselves little lies to help justify it to themselves.  Things like, "What's the big deal--as long as I'm not looking at child pornography, then everyone is a consenting adult.  This woman wants people to look at her body.  I want to look."

For those still telling themselves these lies, let's take a look at just how pornography is hurting people--a LOT of people.  Pornography victimizes a lot of people... in many different ways.

Why Do Men Become Addicted To Pornography

Why Do So Many Men Have Problems With Pornography Addiction?

Most women have a hard time understanding why a man would look at pornography at all... let alone become so addicted to it that it creates such huge problems with job performance, family life, and even finances.  And when women are told why this happens, they often don't believe it or they think that it only applies to a few select men.

Let's start with the fact that women are beautiful.  God made them this way, and meant for us to have a certain amount of awe for this beauty.  But the beauty (for men anyway) is much different than the beauty of a blue sky or a nice car.  The beauty is different because the mere sight of it excites a man sexually.