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Do You Have The Courage To Face Your Pornography Addiction?

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I'm not going to tell you how prevalent pornography addiction is in our society.  I'm not going to warn you that it's even a problem (a major one) for Christians... even pastors and ministers.  I'm not going to remind you that we, as Catholics, are just as susceptible to this terrible addiction as everyone else.


Because you already know all that!  That's why you're reading this.

What I am going to tell you is that there is a way (a definitive way) to stop looking at pornography, to stop masturbating, and to never do it again.

Is it difficult?  Yes.  Will it take courage?  Lots of it.  Will you, at one point or another, wish you'd have never started down this road?  Probably.

But it is possible.  I have an exact strategy spelled out in detail, along with practical methods to carry you through each stage.  And I'm not talking about the classic, "Say this prayer everyday and soon you'll magically stop looking at pornography."

Not that prayer isn't a big part of this.  Heck, it's a huge part of it.  But let's face it--you've tried prayers already.  Hundreds of them.  Thousands of them.  And they don't seem to help at all.  I know because I've traveled down that road before.  Like you, I started to think, "I'm saying the prayers, I'm going to confession, I'm going to Mass.  What the hell is wrong with me then?  Why can't I quit?"

Well, there's an answer to that.  First of all, you can't quit by only using the means mentioned above because those are spiritual aids.  Sometimes, spiritual bandaids.  Addiction takes more than spiritual help.  You need emotional, mental, and even physical help as well.  And I can tell you exactly where to find these things.

Side Note:  I must again stress that your recovery does depend on prayer and the sacraments.  I don't for one second pretend that you can do it without these.  I only point out that unless God is going to work an actual miracle (yes, it would have to be a miracle in the same way it would be if God cured you from cancer), then you need more than spiritual aids.  Not that you can't pray and hope for a miracle--but God usually doesn't work that way.  And He wants us to seek all of the natural ways of healing rather than expect Him to simply grant a miraculous cure.

Now let's get down to business.  I know that you want the temptations to simply disappear.  You sometimes wish you were a completely different person--one not susceptible to lust.  And because you keep letting yourself down, you've begun a process of self-loathing.  And you might have taken it as far as blaming God for making you the way you are.

Guess what... God made you the way you are because He knows how GREAT you will be once you overcome this.  As God told Saint Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness."

God wants you to be a strong soldier for Him.  A powerful guardian of truth and faith.  A leader for other men, who seek the light and cannot find it.  God wants you to stand victorious (by His grace and power) over evil.  And He can only accomplish this if you yourself overcome this addiction.  If God takes the temptation away, then you are not conquering it.  You are not even fighting, then.

But you must fight.  And you must win.  You won't do it alone... believe me, you can't.  You'll need God.  You'll need other men.  You'll need your spouse.  You'll need the Church.  But they will only support you--not fight for you.  The battle is yours.  And you will win.

"But How?!?!"

There is a standard process here.  You've probably heard it many times before.  They're clearly outlined in any 12-step program.  Perhaps you've even taken part in a 12-step program.  But still, you're not pure.

There are 2 reasons that the standard 12-step approach won't be enough for you to overcome a pornography addiction.

#1 is because most 12-step programs aren't focused on Christ... let alone on the sacraments.  They are mainly an emotional support for someone struggling with an addiction.  They give clear instructions for rooting out the emotional garbage that keeps us bound to sin... but they don't give clear instructions on how to become a better Christian--which is really our ultimate goal.  That's why we want to avoid lust.

#2 is because 12-step programs aren't focused on results either.  Heck, one of the meeting rules is that people can't give advice.  Which is good--it should be that way.  The people in your group are there to support you, not fix you.  But you do need to be fixed, and you need clear instruction on how to do it.  You need real, applicable practices.  You need actual methods to use in every-day life.  And 12-step programs aren't designed to give you this.  In fact, I haven't seen anything that will give you this... except for my book.

Out Of The Darkness... The Catholic Man's Guide To Breaking Porn is a comprehensive guide.  I give you the very basics as well as advanced practices to help you break the habit.

But I also dive in-depth into the startling reality concerning this epidemic in our culture.  I start with the reasons that men become so helplessly addicted to pornography.  I then explain the difference between being more or less prone to a sin and being addicted to it.  Why this happens, spiritually and psychologically.  And I also explain why sexual addictions seem to escalate so quickly... why a few glances at pornography can, in just a couple of years, turn into perverted and even illegal activity.

Yes, that's right.  If you're struggling with a pornography addiction, don't think that you're going to continue just looking at "regular porn" for very long.  Lust escalates.  That's just the nature of this sin.  The reasons were defined by St. Augustine in the 4th century then by St. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century.  But the explanations have been widely (if not purposely) ignored in our modern culture.  I'm going to bring them to surface.

But that's not all you'll learn about pornography addiction.  You'll also find out:

  • What masturbation has in common with homosexuality and even pedophilia.
  • Why God is offended by pornography yet why it's not necessarily considered an intrinsic evil.
  • How much Satan might be contributing to your obsession with pornography... and what you can do to fight off his attacks.
  • Why pornography addiction is so different from other addictions.
  • How pornography victimizes children--born and unborn.
  • How purity, once you reach it, will completely change your life--both in your physical natures and in your mental approach to life.
  • Why the pornography industry is so aggressively trying to seduce young men.
  • The problems that pornography causes (many of them are hidden from you UNTIL you've been recovered for some time).
  • The special gifts you'll receive as you grow in purity.
  • And Much More!!!

Some of this information may shock you.  And most of it will help you understand what's going on... why you're having such a difficult time quitting.  But let's face it... I could talk all day about these things and it doesn't bring you one step closer to sexual purity.  IT DOESN'T HELP YOU STOP!

That's what part 2 of the book is.  Real instructions.  Real tips.  Real guidance that will bring about real results!

In fact, the entire process of true recovery from porn addiction is broken down into 9 steps.  I spell out each one of them--why they're important in your recovery process and how you can achieve each one.   Some of these steps are big events that will change your entire life.

For example, whether or not to tell your wife, how to tell when it's the right time, and how to go about telling her.  Telling your spouse about your pornography addiction is an enormous step in the recovery process, and not one you should take lightly.  Don't go at it blindly.  Take time to prepare and make sure SHE is in the right frame of mind to receive the information.  This book will help you through that stage--if and when you decide to do it.

Other steps in the book are more or less tiny things that you'll have to practice every day.  Most of these, you'll have to learn to incorporate them into your life--because you won't ever be able to stop doing them if you want to stay on the wagon.  My book will show you how to do them and how to keep doing them.

For example, how to deal with tempting images on the television... in your own home and in other people's homes.  It's not like you can just put a bubble around yourself and never see a tempting image again.  You need to know how to deal with them and how to turn away without making a big production of it.  You also need to know how to distract your mind from thinking about such images later, when you're alone and the temptations really start badgering your will.  My book will cover this subject from every angle--telling you what to do and how to do it.  I even tell you how to do it without drawing a lot of attention to yourself.

Those are just two examples of how this book can help you.  Ones you would expect to find in a book about pornography addiction.  But there is surprising information in this book that could literally mean the difference between falling and staying sober... practices and strategies you'd have never thought would be a part of your recovery.  Here's just a few:

  • How to eliminate over 90% of the temptation you receive on a daily basis in just 2 months.
  • How to avoid internet pornography--even if you're addiction revolves around the internet and you're forced to be online because of your job.
  • How to set a new standard for yourself--and how to put it into practice in your home and at work.
  • How the Mysteries of the Faith are one of the most powerful weapons against impure thoughts.
  • Why you NEED other men to help you with this struggle--and how and where to meet them.
  • Why hobbies are important--and how to choose and start a hobby with little or no money.
  • How the Rubik's Cube can literally save you from seeing the wrong content.
  • Why video games are a terrible way to distract yourself from pornography.
  • Why temptation is different from a trigger--and how to deal with both.
  • Why a journal will help you recognize hidden triggers and temptations.
  • How to break out of despair and find new hope in yourself and God.
  • How to deal with coworkers who try to pull you off the wagon.
  • A simple list you should ALWAYS keep in your pocket.
  • What to do if you fail--and how to bounce back.
  • How and why to thank God perfectly.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

This book is jam packed full of information.  Much of it is available in other sources--a lot of it isn't.  But no other resource takes all of this data and puts it into one book... especially in such an easy-to-read format with clear and practical instructions.

But don't let the amount of information overwhelm you.  The book can be taken in parts.  In fact, it's meant to help you in a step-by-step process over a period of time.  So that we can walk through the recovery process together.

But don't wait.  Remember--this addiction escalates like no other habit.  You feel ashamed right now, and you want to quit.  But you may, very soon, get to the point where you don't even care if you quit anymore.  Because when we sin habitually, we dull our conscience and warp our perception of sin.  We convince ourselves that we're not doing anything wrong.  That's how Satan works on us.

Jump on the wagon now.  Claim your will back, and guard it against the pornography industry.  Turn away from lust and never look back... NEVER!

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